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This theme is meant to make development easier & take advantage of modern web development & design techniques. For more information, please visit:

Author: Eddie Machado

/* 1.71 update */

  • added spacing to the password fields (thx @murtaugh)
  • fixed calc percentage function
  • removed chrome frame support

/* 1.(I've lost track so I'm starting at)7 update */

  • reworked Sass files and broke them into partials
  • setup Sass syntax and new mixins / functions
  • added a ton of pull requests (thanks everyone)
  • developed a bro crush on everyone who's helped contribute, thanks guys
  • also lady crush since I don't want to leave out the helpful women
  • animal crush? Who knows, just thanks everyone
  • added pull paths for the includes in functions.php ( get_template_directory() )
  • renamed clearfix to cf (just cuz i feel like it)
  • removed custom search form since WordPress now supports HTML5 search form
  • moving bones ahoy function to main functions file
  • added content width and replaced css w/ the new markup for oembeds
  • put the nav link functions directly in the templates, no need for extra functions
  • removed navigation fallbacks, because really you never use those anyway
  • removed the_author_posts_link() for a better more native function
  • moved all the extra reset stuff to normalize, I mean these styles aren't changing so it's cool
  • added wp_link_pages for people who are evil and break articles up into multiple pages
  • worked out Theme Check issues

/* 1.5 update */

  • sorted out new scss structure and cleaned up files
  • more pull requests and language translations
  • added some default form styles
  • added a bunch of new style options and variables

/* 1.4 update */

  • updated Modernizr to 2.6.2
  • merged a ton of pull requests (thanks guys and gals!)
  • added windows 8 tile support
  • put LESS back in (too many requests)

v1.3 update

v1.25 update

  • updated custom post type page for translation
  • added => to responsive jquery
  • cleaned up theme tags (which make NO sense, but are best practice, go figure)
  • updated html element to match hb5
  • fixed echo problem on admin.php
  • updated normalize (LESS also had some missing styles so I added them)
  • GetComputedStyle fix for IE (for responsive js)
  • cleaned up mixins (border radius)
  • added translations! (Chinese, Spanish)

v1.2 HUGE update

  • merge responsive version with classic
  • remove post title from read more link (it's way too long)
  • removed readme.txt (it was pointless)
  • organized info for each file called in on the functions page
  • added custom gravatar call in comments
  • i'm leaving jQuery to a plugin (that way I'm not providing dated jQuery)
  • added translation folder
  • put everything inside stuff so it's easier to be translated
  • added an identifier in each 404 area so you know what template is showing
  • remove custom walker. I think that's better left for you guys to do
  • fixed some spelling errors
  • added some translation options in the comments file
  • added role=navigation to footer links
  • deleted image.php (who really uses that anyway)
  • added sidebar to search.php
  • added class to custom post type title
  • added link to custom meta box
  • removed selectivizr
  • updated html elements with new classes for IE
  • added new mobile meta tags
  • removed pinned site meta tag for IE9
  • merged base.css into style.css for one less call in the header
  • added styleguide page and styles (oh yea!)
  • added nav class to both menus
  • removed "Powered by Wordpress & Bones" from footer, because let's face it: we all delete this anyway.
  • added button class to submit comment button
  • removed html5 placeholder fallback (you should be using Gravity Forms)
  • added slug and rewrite to custom post type for easier urls
  • renamed the border radius mixins so they were easer to remember
  • removed duplicate box shadow mixin
  • deleted the plugins.php file
  • facebook og:meta can be better handled by a plugin (or Yoast's SEO plugin)
  • rel=me can also be handled by SEO plugin or another plugin
  • removed author.php (you can use archive.php or add it yourself)

v1.09 more updates

  • updated admin.php to include custom widget examples, admin login styles, and admin footer
  • login.css added for custom login styles
  • custom login logo included

v1.09 updates

  • added snippet to remove < p > from imgs (
  • added custom admin functions file
  • updated normalize
  • added site description < p > to the header
  • added page-ancestor class for nav to css
  • added facebook open graph and google+ meta info (plugins.php)
  • added a font-face example to stylesheet
  • removed extra < div > around search function
  • added role=article to article element
  • added tag & category examples to custom post type

v1.08 release (hellz yea!)

  • replaced default.css with normalize.css
  • added responsive.css
  • completely revamped styles & stylesheets
  • moved most design related styles to style.css
  • newer, cleaner default comment styles
  • refined grid system
  • added pubdate and time microformat to all templates
  • changed page navi from div to nav and from ul to ol
  • added Read More filter to replace the [...]
  • removed default "Bones" text in footer if you don't have a menu
  • updated modernizr to 2.0.6 & added FULL support (respond, load, ect)
  • updated jQuery to 1.6.2
  • added IE6 meta to remove toolbar
  • added IE9 meta for pinned sites
  • added viewport meta to help responsive designs
  • removed PNG fixes for IE6...(fuck 'em)
  • added prompt for IE6 users to install Google Chrome Frame
  • removed respond.js since it's called in modernizr
  • removed DOMAssistant for ancient IE users
  • removed flowplayer folder (lighten the load)
  • remove ie folder for IE scripts that are now gone
  • moved translation function to bones.php
  • removed overflow: hidden from some comment styles
  • cleaned up head with more removals
  • moved related posts & page navi plugin to bones.php
  • removing wp version from rss feed
  • removing useless wordpress dashboard widgets
  • organizing bones & functions for simplicity
  • removed analytics
  • added auto hyphens to normalize.css (
  • removed the custom header image support
  • removed all the favicons & icons
  • added proper title tag
  • added google+ link to profile
  • added rel=me thanks to yoast's tutorial
  • added author.php template
  • removed html5 video shortcode

v1.07 more changes

  • updated selectivizr
  • compressed images

v1.07 changes

  • added modernizr 2.0 custom build
  • added IE=edge,chrome=1 for older, shitty browsers
  • removed iphone stuff ( you can add later if you want it )
  • changed h1 in the header to a p
  • removed *font-size: small; from default.css
  • removed empty selectors on default.css stylesheet
  • fixed errors on style.css (mostly removing example using parenthesis)
  • added jquery 1.6.1

v1.07 w00t!

  • changed clear to clearfix across the board
  • added 320 & Up Boilerplate Extension by Andy Clarke
  • renamed modernizr to the current version file
  • added all the different sized images & icons
  • updated DOMAssistant to newest version

v1.06 More Updates

  • added theme translation to all files
  • removed categories form page meta info
  • fixed confusing copyright issues
  • removed the unneeded author / tag / ect archive title from taxonomy-custom-cat.php

v1.06 Updates

  • changed name of default stylesheet to default so it's easier to debug. (having two stylesheets named style is confusing)
  • added clearing class to #inner-header and #inner-footer
  • added bones body class depending on what browser
  • changed the_author to the_author_posts_link in single.php and archive.php
  • changed the_author to the_author_posts_link in single-custom_type.php
  • added custom taxonomy template
  • added browser classes to style.css
  • removed lazy load (sorry, it sucked)
  • added twitter and facebook user profiles
  • added post formats to bones.php core
  • fixed menu system (thanks to Dom & Mattias)
  • added categories & tag info for custom post types
  • adding standard categories & tags to custom post type example


  • added custom post type and taxonomies file
  • created custom post type template
  • added readme.txt file (really for no reason at all)
  • fixed the margin on the comments title
  • removed duplicate text-align calls in css Thanks Dom
  • added add_theme_support( 'automatic-feed-links' ) replacing the deprecated automatic_feed_links();
  • added the language_attributes(); to the html tag
  • replaced attribute_escape with esc_attr() in search.php
  • bloginfo('url') in header replaced with echo home_url()
  • using get_template_directory_uri() instead of bloginfo('template_directory')
  • using get_the_author_meta('display_name') instead of deprecated function
  • fixed error in bones.php for menu fallback thanks Mark
  • creating thumbnail fallback functions
  • added header.js and moved modernizr & imgsizer in that file
  • added lazy load jquery plugin
  • moved dd_belatedpng.js inside the ie folder in the libs folder
  • changed class of main menu to .menu from .nav
  • added more css for menu
  • added additional selectors to the style.css in the root
  • removed the top margin of the footer menu


  • fixed typos in style.css file & logs
  • updated selectivizr to latest version
  • added "embed, ruby, output" to the reset stylesheet based on Eric Meyer's recent reset styles.
  • removed duplicate styles in reset & default stylesheet
  • fixed col460 and changed it to col480
  • added text-align styles to default stylesheet

v1.04 Quick Fix

  • fixed error with script call that was deprecated.


  • moved the custom script call and pngfix to the footer from the bones file so it's easier to see what's being called.
  • moved apple-touch-icon.png to the library/images folder so file locations are consistent.
  • added a log file to keep track of changes
  • fixed html5 video functionality & fallback (w00t!)
  • moved stylesheet call below the wp_head as an experiment.
  • added wp_titletag to the header
  • added pingback function to the header
  • fixed bug where page navi would show up even on pages with only one page of results.
  • changed the way page navi is called in the archives, search, and index pages.


  • public release!
  • added html5 video to plugins
  • added page navi to plugins
  • general fixes and optimization


  • html5 updates and semantic layout corrected
  • added search css & custom functions
  • added functionality from the html5boilerplate


  • added related posts functions
  • general css fixes


  • i thought "there must be a better way"
  • did something about it