[Feature] More granular sass and less files? #232

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Have you considered getting more granular with the sass and less files - I think it would help to have smaller more specific files such as:


What do you think?

hyshka commented Sep 29, 2012

I think it would be nice, a lot of the time the huge amounts of WP classes get in my way. Also, Alt-Tab is easier than scrolling a lot or constantly running searches.

My 2 cents. Wouldn't take much for someone to split of the files and submit it, but do other developers agree this would be wise?

elron commented Sep 29, 2012

It could be nice to add these files, could be helpful. but i dont want them out of the base.less file. Its more easy-going for me when they are in the same file. Either way thats my pov


I've just started out with sass and less, but to me it sounds nice.


I dunno, I find when stuff is TOO segmented it takes forever to find what your looking for. I have been segmenting things a bit more lately so perhaps I will revisit this idea in the future.


Please, please don't do this. The reason I love bones is because of its simplicity. Have you tried to work with Bootstrap's 40+ less files? Insane! I filled in at a shop that was adopting bootstrap and what we ended up doing was simply adding one more file called custom.less and adding that to the @import and made all our changes in that one custom file.


Agreed, bootstrap's implementation is a bit too much for me too. There's a happy medium somewhere.

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