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My custom DOTfiles

They go into the user's home directory

There are a lot of ignored files because I don't want them tracked or they are app specific files that don't matter to version control.

Setup Instructions:

Run ./

Vim Help Section

Code Folding

  • zf(motion) Fold code
  • zo (on a fold) Open fold


  • :diffthis Set a buffer to be diffed. Needs two for the diff
  • :diffoff Turn off diff mode

Change the surrounding elements

  • ci{w} Change inner {|w|ord, |',"|quotes, |{|braces/paren, etc}
  • cs"' to change quotes inside
  • cs'<em> to change quote to a block
  • cst" change a block to quotes
  • ds" or dst to remove surrounding
  • ysiw' surround a word
  • yss" surround line
  • VS<p> adding surround with visual editor

A wrapper for git

  • :Gedit/Gsplit/Gvsplit to edit the file and stage it on save
  • :Gdiff to view the changes
  • :Gstatus to see a list of changes. -|p to add/reset
  • :Gblame to see blames. enter to edit the commit or o to open in a split
  • :Gremove
  • :Gmove
  • :Gbrowse to see the file on github

ACK for searching

  • :Ack [options] {pattern} [{directory}]
  • go to preview file (open but maintain focus on ack.vim results)
  • t to open in new tab
  • T to open in new tab silently
  • h to open in horizontal split
  • H to open in horizontal split silently
  • v to open in vertical split
  • gv to open in vertical split silently
  • q to close the quickfix window

Toggle comments on lines

  • gcc Comment a line
  • gc(motion) comment a motion

Working with split windows

  • Ctrl-W t Ctrl-W K To change two vertically split windows to horizonally split
  • Ctrl-W t Ctrl-W H Horizontally to vertically:


Ctrl-W t     makes the first (topleft) window current
Ctrl-W K     moves the current window to full-width at the very top
Ctrl-W H     moves the current window to full-height at far left

The Ctrl-W t part can be ignored if only two windows


  • F2 Save a session
  • F3 Restore a session