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adding a horrible function to be used by single page templates so we …
…can override their dropzones for ones with category names in their slug


going to production for sears communities


adding clearfix div to inner wrappers


new function/method based on display_dropzones() to call a set of dro…
…pzones by the slug of the section


fixing busted pagination on sections resurection, also taking ressure…
…cted post type out of its array to the query recognizes the query to be is_archive


re-introducting the checkboxes for post type archives on sections


siginificant hardening of the sections query restoration process, as …
…well as catching when widgets arent available so the page doesnt break


fixed several UI bugs as well as the broken sort in the admin, as wel…
…l as the update button jumbling things - also escaping input works better - finally, widgets arent limited by system wide post per page settings
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