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Can you please provide a license for this project?


The single drawable resource and source file are licensed individually under the New BSD License, but I suppose it would be wise to provide a global LICENSE file as well. Not sure how I missed that in the first place.


Apache 2.0 is preferred as per

I would appreciate Apache 2.0 as I'm looking at using this in our application. We'd also be interested in making some more enhancements and performance profiling/tuning it assuming we end up using it.


As long as it's not LGPL, they don't care. ;)

"we do in fact prefer ASL2.0 (and similar licenses like BSD, MIT, etc.) over other licenses such as LGPL."


You caught me trying to trick you into using Apache... good on you.


i would love to use this library, but the lack of a license is prohibiting me from doing so. will you be able to attach a license soon?


When can we expect seeing the license? :) Regards!

@EddieRingle EddieRingle added a commit that closed this issue Sep 20, 2012
@EddieRingle Add LICENSE file. Closes GH-1.
Signed-off-by: Eddie Ringle <>
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