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RWikiBot is a Ruby library for making MediaWiki bots.

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This is RWikiBot 2.0


Thanks for checking out RWikiBot. For me, this is heavily a labor of love, so I hope you find it as useful as I do. And, if you find new or useful patches or requests, please send them my way! For the most update-to-date information on RWikiBot check out the site.


Want it? Come get it! RWikiBot is available as a gem from RubyForge or Github.

For the RubyForge gem, just type gem install rwikibot.

For the Github gem (which is probably more recent), then do this:

  1. gem sources -a (you only have to do this once)
  2. sudo gem install eddieroger-rwikibot

What’s New? (highlights – see CHANGELOG for more)

  • It’s smart enough now to handle query-continues! As such, there’s a new dependency – deep_merge. Get it – it’s in gem.
  • Made a Page class. now, instead of bot.delete_page(title…), you do page.delete
  • Got rid of the stupid Result class. That was a terrible decision.
  • edit_page is now save. Part of the Page/class concept
  • Changed user-agent to bot/RWikiBot/2.0

The Boring Stuff.

Author: Eddie Roger (
Copyright: Copyright © 2009 Eddie Roger
License: GNU/GPL 2.0

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