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  is a quasi-scholarly blog on quantum science. Posts are related to research and general research life.

See the website at

Installation runs on Github pages using Jekyll. Github has published installation instructions for using Jekyll locally.

After following the instruction you should be able to run jekyll serve (or bundle exec jekyll serve) to host the webpage contents. You can view the contents with the link Jekyll puts in the terminal (under server address).

Adding a Post

When working on new posts it is recommended to put them into the _drafts folder. Jekyll will serve these drafts by running jekyll serve --drafts. Posts must be named according to A basic template is

layout:     post
title:      My Title
date:       2017-12-17 14:44:10
summary:    My summary
categories: mytag1 mytag2 mytag3

# Introduction
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

Feel free to inspect previous posts for inspiration on how to organise your post source. A more extensive manual is available on the Jekyll manual website.

A custom feature is the ability to use $ to delimit in-line math and $$ to delimit math blocks.