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WebERP v4.15 Incorrect Access Control Description

Testing Target


The Z_CreateCompanyTemplateFile.php have Incorrect Access Control vulnerability that could overwrite existing SQL file at the target web.


  1. Assume we want to overwrite the /weberp/sql/mysql/country_sql/demo.sql. Here can see the target file size is 1.2MB.
  2. View the source code of Z_CreateCompanyTemplateFile.php, we can know the original location that create new SQL file should under the /weberp/companies/(DatabaseName)/reports/ path.
  3. So, we select WebERP Demo Company and user/password is admin/weberp to login, then click Utilities->Create new company template SQL file and submit to webERP.
  4. Because of we want to overwrite the SQL file which name is demo, we input demo in the field.
  5. We set the BurpSuite to intercept packet before submit, then click Create Template and Email button and edit value of parameter TemplateName.
    Payload: ../../../sql/mysql/country_sql/demo
  6. Check the /weberp/sql/mysql/country_sql/demo.sql file size. Here can see the target file size is changed.(From 1.2M to 44K)