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npm version

If you want to make the typing effect, this is what you need.

TypeWriting DEMO

Note: TypeWriting.js doesn't depend on jQuery since version 1.2. If you want to keep the old version, please check another branch - jQuery-v1.1.3.


Just clone or download the zip of this repository

or via npm:

$ yarn add typewriting

# $ npm install --save typewriting


<!-- just typewriting.js or .min.js -->
<script src='path/to/typewriting.min.js'></script>


// import in your .js file
import TypeWriting from 'typewriting';


  • targetElement: HTML element required
    Your element
  • inputString: String required
    Your text
  • typingInterval: Int
    Interval between each character
  • blinkInterval: String
    Interval of the cursor blinks
  • cursorColor: String
    Color of the cursor

I use the height of targetElement to set the cursor height. You could use its line-height to control cursor height.

Second parameter is the function after typing effect.

const typeWriting = new TypeWriting({
	targetElement   : document.getElementsByClassName('terminal')[0],
	inputString     : 'Hello, world.',
	typingInterval  : 130,
	blinkInterval   : '1s',
	cursorColor     : '#00fd55',
}, () => console.log('END'));


You could use this function to do the same effect but different text at same element.

typeWriting.rewrite('Welcome to TypeWriting.js', () => {
	console.log('Rewrite() is finished');