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A per-project Lunchfile? #10

matthewrudy opened this Issue · 3 comments

3 participants

Matthew Rudy Jacobs Mike Perham Eddie Zaneski
Matthew Rudy Jacobs

This isn't an "issue" so much as a thought.

So what if there was a Lunchfile
you could add to a project.

Then you could just say

$ lunchy .

and it would load the Lunchfile and start the relevant services?


matthew@RuPro:~/code/3rdhome$ cat Lunchfile 
# commands for lunchy
start mysql

Not sure how you could unload it.

eg. if two projects were running simultaneously, both using mysql.
how would you say "stop project 1, but keep mysql running for project 2"

probably best to ignore this
and just deal with starting the right services.

Mike Perham

Check out the terminitor and foreman projects.

Matthew Rudy Jacobs
Eddie Zaneski

Closing to prefer foreman per #32

Eddie Zaneski eddiezane closed this
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