codeigniter flash message library
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A small CodeIgniter library which provides extended flash message functionality.

What's Included:

  • Custom message types, along with the option to display the message on the current page request.
  • Ability to provide custom styling based on the message type.
  • Allows you to define which message types to display on output, as well as if they should be merged into single notices (per message type) or not.
  • An easy interface to interact with form validation errors.


If you are using the Sparks package manager:


Or if you are still rocking it old school:



A couple of predefined styles are provided in the configuration file, but more can be easily added. The example style below will add a style for the message type new_style with <div class="alert"> prepended and </div> appended to the displayed output.

// file: config/flash.php
$config['flash']['styles']['new_style'] = array('<div class="alert">', '</div>');


To define the type of message, you call the desired name type as the function name, passing in the message contents.

$this->flash->success('Successfully updated the record.');

Or if you wish to display a info message this page request with a single printf placeholder.

$this->flash->info_now('This is some useful %s.', 'information');

Screw it, lets make it a awesome message with multiple placeholders.

$this->flash->awesome('This is a %s %s', array('awesome', 'message'));


To display all the messages, split into each individual message type (i.e. in a view).

echo $this->flash->display();

Or to display only the success messages, with a default override of splitting each message into its own styled alert.

echo $this->flash->display('success', TRUE);

If you do not wish to display all the messages and want to get your hands on an array to play with.

$messages = $this->flash->get();

Alternatively, you can specify which type of message you wish to retrieve.

$success_messages = $this->flash->get('success');
// or using the __get magic method
$error_messages = $this->flash->error;

Form Validation Errors

The library also provides a wrapper to easily access and display form validation errors. Thease types of errors can be displayed either using the special message type form or merged with other error messages.

Change Log


  • Bug-fix to correct issue with message session not defaulting to an empty array when retrieving.


  • Altered how to add a message for this page request (_now after function name, instead of TRUE param).
  • Added printf functionality to messages being added.
  • Added ability to display form validation errors as a single generic error message
  • Added functionality to retrieve messages by type, using either the get function or __get magic method.
  • Refactored validation errors processing and message retrieval.


  • Initial release