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James Gachago holografik

I have worked as a tech support engineer for 15 years.

Collins Agbonghama collizo4sky

Web developer, Writer, Geek.

W3Guy LLC Nigeria

Joe Beazley JoeBeazley

Recruitment Consultant specialising in PHP.

Edison Hill London

Paulo Guevara pauloroach

I'm a techie guy who likes to research and develop, achieve goals with IT strategies, early adopter tech, enjoy life. Currently working at

urboz Mazatlán, Sinaloa

Somesh Bose Someshbose

Student Representative, @zairza-cetb


Marco Diversi marcodiversi

I train my eyes staring at candles flames.

Los Angeles

Soufiane Abid SoufianeAbid

UX/UI Designer And Developer />

needbyte Morocco

OG LandRover


Tel-Aviv, Israel

Jeff Chang Casidi

Taiwan, Hsing-Chu City

Christopher Gallup devchrisgallup

Aspiring Front-End Web Developer. I like playing video games, the Guitar and watching funny movies.

Kansas City, MO

Tony Brown anthonybrown

Web Engineer. UX & Interaction Designer. Full-Stack Javascript, React Developer

Tony Brown Development Boston, MA

Udenewu Kingsley kingsleyudenewu

Software Engineer at LawPavilion

Myfurnitures Lagos

Dan Jesus danjesus

Software developer

@fdexfinancing São Paulo

Rob miley rmiley York, UK

Angus H. angusshire


UC Berkeley Berkeley, CA

Thanh Nguyen aznthanh23

Served in various accounting functions AP/AR, ERP implementations with the US Army, and now leveraging R/python to provide actionable insight for organizations

US Army Fort Irwin, CA

Andrew Starodubtsev illucent

full stack employee, independent learner


Nil Portugués Calderó nilportugues

Java, Scala, PHP and Android. Busy building something big.

Barcelona, Catalunya

Keyvan Akbary keyvanakbary

Lead Developer @TransferWise. Built @Funddy. Author of @DDDinPHP

@TransferWise London

Wade morristech

Software Engineer for the past 7 years, mainly focus

Morris Technology Cape Town,ZA

Ashutosh Dave Ashu

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Mike Su sudocoda

By Day Design Hollywood, MD

Craig A Rodway craigrodway

Web Developer. Radio ham. Brass player. Liker of art, architecture, photography and puns.

@CloudDataService Gateshead, UK

Rodrigo Soares Rodrigo1974

Humanamente Recursos Sorocaba, SP