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Tobias Koppers sokra

Author of webpack


Keyvan Akbary keyvanakbary

Lead Developer @TransferWise. Built @Funddy. Author of @DDDinPHP

@TransferWise London

Shi Chuan shichuan

Freelance Developer

Martin Thoma MartinThoma

Computer Science student from Karlsruhe, Germany. Working with @MarvinTeichmann on Computer Vision / Deep learning projects.


Henri Bergius bergie

Author of NoFlo and Create.js. Decoupling software, one piece at a time.

@flowhub Berlin, Germany

Tim Caswell creationix

Rackspace Red Lick, TX, USA

Anthony Ferrara ircmaxell

Director of Engineering for @GrovoLearning

Grovo New York, NY

Jens Segers jenssegers

Lead Developer at

Auki Ghent, Belgium

Mike Funk mikedfunk

Demand Media Los Angeles, CA

Ollie Rattue ollierattue

CTO at GetMyBoat, founder at TooManyTabs. Rock climber.

GetMyBoat / TooManyTabs Cape Town, South Africa

Paul Irish paulirish

Google Chrome, ♥z Palo Alto

Thomas Fuchs madrobby

Slash7 LLC Philadelphia, PA

Jason Frame jaz303

Curious Chip Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Simon Højberg hojberg

Upserve Providence, RI