A simple but beautiful chat style for Skype.
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Simples Skype Chat Style



Simples is a very nice chat style for Skype. It is heavily influenced by the Renkoo style for Adium.

It utilises some of webkits new CSS3 which should make adding or changing any colour styles very easy. Fade-in effects are also provided by webkits CSS animation framework.


For Skype for Mac v3

  1. Download the latest Simples.SkypeChatStyle release
  2. Double click Simples.SkypeChatStyle-0.3.zip to extract it
  3. Double click the Simple.SkypeChatStyle bundle
  4. Select the Simples style from the Skype 'Chat' preferences

For Skype for Mac v5b

  1. Download the current development release
  2. Double click the downloaded zip to extract
  3. Double click the install file
  4. Restart Skype.

Advanced Installation

If you consider yourself comfortable with the command line and want to run the latest bleading edge version:

  1. cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Skype/ChatStyles/ (if ChatStyles folder does not exist create it)
  2. If you have a previous install of Simples you will need to remove it using rm -rf Simples.SkypeChatStyle
  3. For Skype v3 run git clone git@github.com:edds/Simples.SkypeChatStyle.git -b master or for Skype v5b run git clone git@github.com:edds/Simples.SkypeChatStyle.git
  4. Restart Skype and select Simples from the 'Messaging' preferences