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Spring LDAP integration with Spring Boot
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Spring LDAP integration with Spring Boot

Build Status

This project is not under development. Spring LDAP support is provided by Spring Boot out-of-the-box since 1.5.0.RELEASE. For more info visit LDAP support in Spring Boot

This project is built on top of spring-ldap project. This project provide auto-configuration for spring-ldap.





compile "com.github.eddumelendez.ldap:ldap-spring-boot-starter:1.0.0.RELEASE"


The following properties are available to customize the ContextSource.

ldap.urls= # LDAP urls
ldap.base= # Base suffix from which all operations should originate.
ldap.username= # Login user of the LDAP.
ldap.password= # Login password of the LDAP.
ldap.base-environment.*= # LDAP custom environment properties.

Using Embedded LDAP server

Unboundid SDK LDAP is provided as a embedded LDAP server and it’s auto-configured if the dependency is detected.

Add the following dependency:




testCompile "com.unboundid:unboundid-ldapsdk:3.1.1"

You can use the following properties to customize the embedded server:

ldap.embedded.port= # Embedded LDAP port. Use 0 for random port.
ldap.embedded.credential.username= # Embedded LDAP username.
ldap.embedded.credential.passwod= # Embedded LDAP password.
ldap.embedded.partitionSuffix= # LDAP partition suffix.
ldap.embedded.ldif= # Schema (LDIF) script resource reference.


You can check the examples here.