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Scripts developed for LPB AV archive
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I'll be adding the simple scripts I'm using for the LPB AV archive here intermittenly. These scripts will run in a Windows OS enviornment, and often have dependencies such as MediaInfo, MediaConch, md5deep, XMLStarlet, or other applications.


This is a batch file for running the 64 bit ver of md5deep ( recursively, one file at a time, and inserting the resulting checksum hashes into a single text file titled "checksum_manifest_for_lto.txt." Running the recursive option of the md5deep command causes the machine to attempt to read multiple files at the same time, so for LTO tape, I have to use a "for" loop.


This is a batch file, not dissimilar to the one above, that runs MediaInfo ( and md5deep ( recursively, and creates sidecar files for the results of each process.

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