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Thanks for submitting or fixing an icon! Here is a helpful guide to what you need to include.

  • New file which is under 1,024 bytes

Additionally, you can do these helpful things if you have time:

  • Edit Readme
  • Add reference image
  • Edit reference page
  • Android Image

New File

Filename should be nameofservice.svg - all in lower-case. If a special character must be used, please replace it with an underscore (not a dot nor a dash).

Place the file in /images/svg/

At a minimum, your icon needs these components, in this layout:

<svg xmlns=""
aria-label="..." role="img"
viewBox="0 0 512 512"><rect
width="512" height="512"

Please keep the whitespace as-is. This makes viewing diffs easier. Please use UNIX line-endings LF rather than Windows-style CRLF.

If you can, remove the end of line at the end of the file:

  • VIm: :set noeol (optionally :set nofixendofline)
  • perl: perl -pi -e 'chomp if eof' $filename
  • shell: printf %s "$(cat $filename)" > filename-without-nl.svg

Please remove any trailing newlines from the file with:

sed -i -z s/\\n$// filename.svg


This is the standard guideline. Use this to help with sizing your icons and they will look good no matter what border radius is chosen.

A template for logos

  • Green is the safe zone, where the main body of the icon should be.
  • Yellow is like a road shoulder, it is there if more space is needed. It should be used for protruding elements, like corners or ornaments.
  • Red is off limits. It should not be touched by the icons. Red is also how a circular icon would look.

Edit Readme

You will need to generate a new table for the README. To do this, run:


Copy the output and paste it over the old table.

Reference Image

  • Find an official logo.
  • Add it to /images/reference/

Reference Page

  • Edit the file images/reference/
  • Add a link to the official style guide or brand guidelines.
  • For example | <img src="/images/svg/nameofservice.svg" width="256" /> | <img src="/images/reference/nameofservice.jpg" width="256" /> | |

(Optional) Create Android Version

To convert in Android Studio, go to Tools Resource Manager Drawable + Import Drawables then select the SVGs.

Note Android Studio doesn't like rounded corners with a percentage length value. Before importing, run sed -i '/rx\=\"15\%\"/d' ./*.svg to remove the corner or sed -i -e '/rx\=/s/\"15\%\"/\"77\"/' ./*.svg to replace the percentage length value with a corresponding fixed length value.


Or, use to create an Android-compatible XML file.

Add the file to /images/android-vector-drawable/