Registration and supervision framework for the gen_event behaviour
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Gen-Event Registrar

This application provides a simple mechanism for supervising gen_event event handlers, packaged as an OTP library for convenient reuse.


OTP's gen_event mechanism is different from the other OTP behaviours, because the (user) callback module does not represent (i.e, is not run in) its own, separate process. Using the standard OTP gen_event mechanism, an event hander callback module that crashes will be silently removed from its event manager. Because the event handler is not a process, it is not therefore possible to have the handler participate in a supervision tree. To compensate for this apparent lack, the gen_event module exports an add_sup_handler/3 method which offers the calling process a contract which promises notification of exit/error signals in the callback module, delivered to its message queue.

This library takes advantage of this supervision mechanism, wrapping up all the details and providing a pre-packaged supervision tree for event managers and handlers, with a simple API and configuration system for managing all the above.


The gen_event_registrar package is licensed under a permissive, BSD-like license, which allows for combined with other works under different (sub) license conditions.


This project will use semantic versioning, and all major releases will be made available as binary packages via github downloads and via the nebularis-maven-repository.