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script for deploying assets to a Livecycle Server
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A simple script for deploying assets to a LiveCycle server process. Saves you from having to do it manually (copy, paste, checkin etc).


java -jar lces-asset-deployer.jar config.yml

where the config.yml looks like:

### Required arguments
file: ${path_to_your_asset}\MyApp.swf
asset_name: MyApp.swf
lces_path: /Applications/MyProcess/1.0/Assets
### Optional arguments
#ejb_host: localhost
#ejb_port: 1099
#username: administrator
#password: password
#mime_type: blah
#description: blah

based on adobe help doc

Required jars (can't be supplied here - you'll need a livecycle install):

  • adobe-livecycle-client.jar
  • adobe-repository-client.jar
  • adobe-usermanager-client.jar
  • adobe-utilities.jar
  • commons-codec-1.3.jar
  • jbossall-client.jar
  • snakeyaml-1.8.jar

These JAR files are located in the following path:

${Livecycle install directory}/Adobe/Adobe LiveCycle ES2/LiveCycle_ES_SDK/client-libs/common

For complete details about the location of these JAR files, see "Including LiveCycle ES2 library files" in Programming with LiveCycle ES2

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