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The data export provides you with raw data about the parkings displayed on the map. It allows you to use the data in a GIS application, such as QGIS, that can handle the GeoJSON format.

Where ?

The data export is a file named parkings.json in the directory export, inside petiteReine's installation directory.

In the "About" dialog, a link "Get the data" opens this file.

When ?

The data export is a flat file, that is generated every time the import batch is run (on http://dewaele.ovh/carteTours/, the file is rebuilt every hour).

What ?

The data export consists of a GeoJSON file. If contains a set of points the parks with attributes.

In OpenStreetMap, the bicycle parks may be drawn as points or polygons. OSM ways (polygons) are transformed into points, by calculating the centre of the bounding box, son the export only describes points geometries.

Attributes :

  • osm_id : identifier of a node or a way in OpenStreetMap (n1147976555 is for node number 1147976555, w71117841 is for way 71117841)
  • capacity : number of spaces
  • covered : whether the equipment is covered or not
  • bicycle_parking : type of bicycle parking (stands, wall loops,...)
  • access : legal accessibility
  • operator : the company or organisation that is a charge of the parking
  • zone_id : if the zone filter is enabled in the configuration, it contains the zone identifier in the table pv_zones
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