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Piatto is a CSV to HTML Restaurant Menu Generator
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Piatto generates an HTML/CSS web snippet from a CSV spreadsheet of menu items so that you can easily create menu webpages for restaurant websites.

CSV to HTML Converter

To start, create a spreadsheet with column names: item_name, item_description, item_price, item_category, item_vegan, item_glutenfree. Add your menu items to the columns. Save the spreadsheet as a CSV.

Clone this repository in command line:

git clone
cd piatto

Then copy and paste your CSV file to the newly cloned piatto folder. Before running the python script, make sure you have Beautiful Soup installed. Next, run:

python [CSV-MENU-NAME].csv [HTML-MENU-NAME].html

where [CSV-MENU-NAME] is name of your CSV file in this folder. [HTML-MENU-NAME] will be the name of the output HTML file.

Your HTML menu has been generated. To view it in a browser type:

open [HTML-MENU-NAME].html

If you use this repository to generate a menu, add a link to it in the "Menus built by Piatto" section below.

I would thrill to see the repository extended to support additional functionality. Pull requests are welcome :octocat:.

Menus built by Piatto

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