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Utilities for generating reports about a Fedora Repository
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Utilities for generating reports about a Fedora Repository:

  • space used by a collection
  • objects created by fiscal year


  • libxml-libxslt-perl: sudo apt-get install libxml-libxslt-perl
  • XML::LibXSLT: sudo cpanm XML::LibXSLT
  • Config::Tiny: sudo cpanm Config::Tiny

Copy settings.sample to setting.config and set variables.


Determine disk space used by a given collection:

perl collection:pid

Determine the number of object created in a fiscal year:

perl > index.html

Sample ouput

$ perl yul:F0433

Collection yul:F0433 Totals

  Fedora Objects: 10489
  Space Used: 177.545 GB
  Number of Datastreams: 85485

Quick way to get count of all Fedora Objects

curl -s "http://fedora:8080/solr/select?q=*:*&fl=*" | tidy -xml -wrap 0 2>/dev/null | grep numFound


Communication is in the clear to the FCRepo server. We have protect our reporting and FCRepo servers behind a firewall. Your mileage will vary.

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