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Crowdsourced event coverage system developed by Pittsburgh IndyMedia during the G20. Incorporates twitter, flickr, google maps, podcasting, youtube, and public reporting widgets to create a fully integrated seamless event portal. Includes a mobile site and detection compatible with all smart phones.
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Crowdsourced Syndication

What is Crows?

Crows is a Real Time Event Coverage and Communication System that
allows people, groups, or organizations to easily create a web
presence for coverage of live events. With the ability for users to
contribute to the site on the internet or by using their mobile
devices, website visitors are given up to the minute information that
is curated live from the event itself.

Easily create and configure a  "crow" website on your server in minutes

Show real time data pertaining to an event from any combination of built in  modules. 

Reporting - allow site  visitors make real-time field reports directly to your site with optional  addresses,  photos, videos, and links via web or mobile phone.

Twitter integration-  Display sets of tags, keywords, and  usernames.     Provide a main account for visitors to follow and easily introduce new hashtags for the event.

Flickr integration - display and enlarge  photos uploaded to flickr  from a users account,  favorites , or search for public photos by tag.

Youtube integration - Show a users videos,  playlist,  or search public videos by tag.

Podcasting  - Import a standard podcast feed into the site for easy on-site playback of audio and video files 

Google maps - site provides automatic geocoding to render  any location based data onto a configurable map.   Configurable  centering location, zoom level, and choose from 5 map types including sattellite, street, and google earth. 

- All modules interact with each other in real time  through a "report" link next to all data ,  allowing for crowdsourced reporting by combining all chosen  media types into a centralized   map  and reporting module.  

-Mobile Site detection and rendering for all mobile devices with browsers, including field reporting.

-Re-captcha integration for spam prevention.  
-Privacy settings to allow for public reporting or limit to private reporting through a password protected page. Malicious user  reports can be removed from site by owner.

-Site is easily styled and made unique with your own logos,  text, images, colors, or CSS style rules

upload contents  to your web directory
make sure permissions are set to 666 in reports.csv
edit config.php setting all the necessary values
public reports can be edited or removed  reports.csv file
If you use sqlite for the storage mechanism, db/database.sqlite3 needs to be owned by your apache user
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