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Hopscotch Hashing

CSCE 3110 - Data Structures & Algorithms

Programming Assignment 02

To compile:

$ make

To run:

$ make run

To clean up:

$ make clean

You will implement an efficient hopscotch hash table using C++ that improves on the classic linear probing algorithm. Specifically, you will use a TABLE_SIZE = 17 and use the single hash function h(x) = x mod TABLE_SIZE. You shall resolve collisions using linear probing where the maximal length of the probe sequence (i.e., distance away from the original hash location) is bound by the hopscotch hashing algorithm where MAX_DIST = 4.

Program Menu :

|    1 - Insert Value    |
|    2 - Delete Value    |
|    3 - Search Value    |
|    4 - Output Table    |
|    5 - Exit Program    |


1 - Insert Value inserts a value into the hopscotch hash table. If necessary, values will be rearranged. If rearranging is not successful, an error will be displayed.

2 - Delete Value deletes a value and clears its corresponding key within the table.

3 - Search Value searches for a given value and returns its corresponding key within the table.

4 - Output Table prints the current hash table.

5 - Exit Program exits the running program.