A puzzle game to teach programming
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Lucy is a Spy with Diamonds

A puzzle adventure to teach programming


What is this?

This game was originally made for a hackathon held by Koding in 2014...

Koding Hackathon

...and ended up winning first place:

First place

And now we want to continue the project, taking it to the next level.

The game

In this game we introduce Lucy, a groovy spy who has to recover the diamonds stolen by agents of the W.T.F. (World Thieves Federation). But first, she has to escape their laser-protected headquarters!

Levels of pure puzzle-packed fun await the player who has to help Lucy escape by sending her instructions while learning to code Python at the same time.

Our mission with this game is to break the barrier of entrance into the world of programming for young people. We strongly believe that coding should be learned very early. We also strived to make a strong female lead character in an attempt to inspire more girls to try their hand at programming, since we know there's a huge gender gap in this industry.


If you like this project and would like to contribute somehow, here are some ways:

  • Check out our Patreon Page where you can give us a $1 tip to continue working here
  • Check out the code yourself and submit pull requests
  • Visit the Issues page here on github and report bugs or issues
  • Get in touch via e-mail if you have questions, suggestions, anything!

Libraries Used

Additional open-source libraries and their versions are listed on package.json and bower.json

Sounds used