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Building UIs programatically with SnapKit

Presentation overviewing the capabilities of building UIKit interfaces in code rather than Interface Builder, also an intro to SnapKit and it's advantages over the visual format language.


You can see the slides here


The example code on Demo2/ was actually the first demo. It shows how to build layouts that adjust their constraints dynamically and even animations with SnapKit

The example code on Demo1/ contains 2 different projects that do exactly the same thing. They both show an ad in 2 different layouts. One was built with IB, another with SnapKit. On the SnapKit demo we leverage composition over inheritance so that the layouting of the view is a responsibility of what they hold and not of what they are.


SnapKit on Github

I Stopped Using NIBs Thanks To Auto Layout


Edgar Neto | @edgarjcfn

Karolis Stasaitis | @carlossless