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Ajaxful Rating

Rails gem that provides an easy way to add ratings to your application. Includes the CSS and ajax handling so you don’t have to worry about anything else than install, generate and run.

Read the Quickstart guide to start using the plugin right away. But ensure to read the full doc if you want some extra features.


The source code can be found at

The docs are in RDoc, you can find them generated at

Wiki contains examples and explains how to use some methods of the gem. You can find it at

Issues / Bugs
No code is perfect, but you can help to make it better by submitting and reporting bugs at Please be sure to fully read the doc before submitting a bug.

Demo (repository)
If you want to get fully functional example app, check out the source code of the demo app. It was generated using the nifty generators gem from Ryan Bates.

Demo (live site)
If you only want to see how the default stars are displayed, you can go and play at the live demo app. Don’t forget to sign up in order to actually rate a car.

Stars images .psd file
You can get the stars .psd file to modify the images at your pleasure. Don’t forget the original style was taken from komodomedia with the author’s permission.

Your support is very appreciated, and keeps me motivated to continue improving and updating the gem. Would you like to invite me a coffee? :)

Click here to lend your support to: Ajaxful Rating and make a donation at !


The original plugin was created by edgarjs but it wouldn’t got so far without the kind contributions of many good people and collaborators. If you have a suggestion, or forked the code to improve it, send me a pull request and I’ll be happy to review and answer asap.


This project is under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike v3.0 license. You can find more details about what you are free to do in the license page.

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