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Quickly find your GitHub repositories from Alfred.

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This workflow searches among your public and private repositories (including organizations you belong to) and opens them on GitHub.

Identify yourself

This workflow searches on github and within your public and private repositories (including organizations you belong to). So you need to provide an access token to make things easy.

To generate an access token, go to create a new personal access token. You can enter any description and it just need to be checked the repo and public_repo option (read private and public repositories).

Howto create access token

Then copy the token (as it will be visible only that time!), and authenticate in Alfred:


This will store your token and you will be able to use the following commands:

List and search repositories

List all of your own repositories


Filter your own repositories and search all repositories on github by keyword

gh keyword

List all repositories of a specific github user

gh user/

Filter repositories of a specific github user by keyword

gh user/keyword

Update local cache

To avoid hitting the GitHub API every time you do a search, and to return results faster, the workflow caches all your repositories the first time you do a search. If you create a new repository, you'll need to rebuild your local cache with:


Note: the local cache will only be used for your own repositories. Once you provide a keyword, the workflow will search on github using the github API. Response times may be slower in this case.


This is released under the MIT License.