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This category implements some basic methods to modify the dimensions of a given UILabel

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ESAdjustable Label Category

Adjusting the size of a UILabel is a pain in the back. This category provides a couple of simple methods to make this process less painful:

// Generic method. If minSize is set to CGSizeZero then
// it is ignored
// =====================================================
- (void)adjustLabelToMaximumSize:(CGSize)maxSize 

// Adjust label using only the maximum size and the 
// font size as constraints
// =====================================================
- (void)adjustLabelToMaximumSize:(CGSize)maxSize 

// Adjust the size of the label using only the font
// size as a constraint (the maximum size will be
// calculated automatically based on the screen size)
// =====================================================
- (void)adjustLabelSizeWithMinimumFontSize:(int)minFontSize;

// Adjust label without any constraints (the maximum 
// size will be calculated automatically based on the
// screen size)
// =====================================================
- (void)adjustLabel;

This repo includes a sample demo that illustrates how to use this category.

How to use it in your projects

  1. Copy the two category files below into your project
    • UILabel+ESAdjustableLabel.h
    • UILabel+ESAdjustableLabel.m
  2. Add the following line of code in the header file of the class where the UILabel you need to modify its size is located:
#import "UILabel+ESAdjustableLabel.h"

Happy hacking ;)


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