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This is a list of all the authors of OpenImageIO. Any such list is very
inexact, and can't convey everybody's precise level of contribution
(which is constantly shifting, anyway). However, I've made two tiers:
(1) major developers who have contributed at least several hundred lines
of code (noting their main contributions, if easily identifiable); (2)
everybody else who has contributed any code at all.
Major contributors (roughly in order of joining the project):
Larry Gritz core classes & API, ImageCache/TextureSystem, iv,
TIFF, JPEG, OpenEXR, HDR, PNG, zfile, Field3D, docs
Philip Nemec unit testing framework
Dan Wexler Windows port
Chris Kulla texture system improvements
Chris Foster lots of things, best code reviewer!
Leszek Godlewski ICO, Targa, DDS, DPX, Cineon, RLA
David Gordon build issues, Python bindings
Robert Matusewicz Windows port, BMP, JPEG-2000, FITS, SGI, WebP
Ismael Cortes iv improvements
Dinko Galetik Python bindings
Malcolm Humphreys color transfer methods
Alan Jones Softimage PIC
Krzysztof Blicharski sockets
Nuno Cardoso PNM
Mikael Sundell IFF
Jeremy Selan Color space issues, maketx improvements, OpenColorIO
Daniel Wyatt PSD
Other contributors (alphabetically):
Vishal Agrawal
Jeph Alapat
Basileios Anastasatos
Cassian Andrei
Solomon Boulos
Duncan Chan
Irena Damsky
Brent Davis
Ben De Luca
Nandan Dubey
Marcos Fajardo
Henri Fousse
Vitor Franchi
Manuel Gamito
Ananth Garre
Deepak Gopina
Puneet Jain
Saket Jalan
Pavel Karneliuk
Vinod Khare
Konrad Kleine
Alexander Kuleshov
Hugh Macdonald
Lukasz Maliszewski
Justina Mikonyte
Paul Molodowitch
Ramon Montoya
Alexander Murashko
Rui Li
M Joonas Pihlaja
Carl Rand
Aman Shah
Richard Shaw
Cliff Stein
Ott Tinn
Edgar Velazquez-Armendariz
Brecht Van Lommel
Xo Wang
Nicholas Yue
If you know of somebody that I missed, please let me know:
lg (at)
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