Script to backup pfSense configuration and statistics
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Authenticates with a pfSense server and exports a backup of the configuration and statistics. If the required options aren't specified, they will be promped for interactively.

Configure cron to run this script with the necessary parameters to backup your pfSense configuration and stastics on a regular basis.

NOTE: RRD data is no longer included by default, but can be included via command line option. See below for more details.


Requires BeautifulSoup4 to be installed:

pip install BeautifulSoup4


This has been updated to support the new CSRF token in the pfSense login page as well as backup page. It has most recently been tested with the 2.3.3, and will not work with previous releases due to a change in the backup page HTML.




    -h | --help

    -s <server url> | --server <server url>
        The base URL for the pfSense installation.
    -t <seconds> | --timeout <seconds>
        Timeout for network requests.

    -u <username> | --username <username>
    -p <password> | --password <password>

    -d | --directory <directory>
        Defaults to current directory.

    -r | --rrd
        Includes RRD data with the backup.

    -f | --file <file>
        Defaults to 'pfsense-backup.xml'