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Edge Community Wiki

Edge is pioneering the future of the Internet by introducing the world's first dedicated edge computing platform, breaking the grip of the mega corporations that have turned us all into digital serfs. By harnessing the untapped computing potential around us, Edge not only decentralises the cloud but also champions a more sustainable, faster, and democratic digital frontier.

Edge is the protocol of web3. Its versatile web services empower you to launch everything from dynamic websites to immersive games. Take part in the evolution and reclaim the web for everyone.

{% hint style="info" %} This is a living document that is regularly updated. Last update: 14th April 2024 {% endhint %}

The Edge Community Wiki is intended as the go to resource for all things Edge. Here you can learn about the technologies behind the platform; find out how to contribute to the network; how to participate in project governance; read answers to common support questions; and browse network FAQ.

If you'd like to contribute, please reach out to a community manager on the Edge Discord.

The source for the wiki can be found here: