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@@ -7,42 +7,44 @@ more than one author.
Install the gem:
- gem install git-pair
+ gem install edgecase-git-pair
-And here's how to use it! (Note: this reflects the current development
-version. Run `git pair` with no arguments to see the instructions for your
+And here's how to use it!
$ git pair
- Configuration:
- git pair [options]
- -a, --add NAME Add an author. Format: "Author Name <>"
+ General Syntax:
+ git pair [reset | authors | options]
+ Options:
+ -a, --add AUTHOR Add an author. Format: "Author Name <>"
-r, --remove NAME Remove an author. Use the full name.
+ -d, --reset Reset current author to default (global) config
Switching authors:
- git pair AA [BB] Where AA and BB are any abbreviation of an
+ git pair aa [bb] Where AA and BB are any abbreviation of an
author's name. You can specify one or more authors.
-Once you've added authors, running `git pair` with no options will also print
-out their names, the current pair, and some other information.
+ Current config:
+ Author list: Adam McCrea
+ Jon Distad
+ Current author: Jon Distad + Adam McCrea
+ Current email:
-## Known issues
+## How does it work?
-* I just shoved everything into a gem. Refactor into separate files.
-* Test coverage is low -- I'm working on a cucumber suite.
+The list of authors is maintained in the global git configuration file.
+The current author is set in the git configuration local to the project.
+The email address for a pair is generated using the default email address
+from the global configuration along with the developer abbreviations.
-## Feature hit list
+## About this version
-* <s>It'd be better if you could specify an email address for each author instead
- of just automatically using the authors' initials. Especially if you have two
- authors with the same initials. And also because when there's just one author,
- it should use that person's email instead of an interpolation like
- ``.</s> Started! Now accepts author names w/ emails, but
- doesn't yet prompt for/generate an email based on the pairs' addresses.
-* Needs `git pair --reset` to restore the original `` and ``.
- For now, just `git config --edit` and remove the `[user]` section to go back
- to your global config.
+This was forked from Many thanks to
+Chris Kampmeier for the original version. Our version added the --reset
+option, modified how email addresses are handled, and refactored much of
+the code.
## License
@@ -25,13 +25,9 @@ def run!(args)
opts.separator ' '
opts.separator highlight('Switching authors:')
- opts.separator ' git pair AA [BB] Where AA and BB are any abbreviation of an'
+ opts.separator ' git pair aa [bb] Where AA and BB are any abbreviation of an'
opts.separator ' '*37 + 'author\'s name. You can specify one or more authors.'
- opts.separator ' '
- opts.separator highlight('Resetting authors:')
- opts.separator ' git pair reset Reverts to the user specified in your Git configuration.'
opts.separator ' '
opts.separator highlight('Current config:')
opts.separator author_list.split("\n")

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