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Standard box config
Ruby Shell Emacs Lisp
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.zsh Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
bin add refactor script; add bin directory for scripts
emacs-config Add Matt's configs
rails-bootstrap fix postgres recipe
.gemrc you want surround, kittens
.gitconfig Update author list for pairing config
.gitignore ignore sublime files
.gitk First commit
.gitmodules Added Jim Weirich's emacs config to the pairing setup.
.irbrc add convenience method for writing factories
.rdebugrc add rdebugrc
.tmux.conf tmux config
.watchr.rb Added Matt's watchr.rb stuff
.zshrc New member, PGDATA default, pg_status
LICENSE add license
Rakefile do not symlink the .DS_Store file

EdgeCase Pairing Config

Our collection of dot-files for EdgeCase pairing machines. Also applicable for individual developer machines.


Just clone the directory somewhere and run rake. This will symlink the necessary files to your home directory (asking for permission before clobbering anything).

What's missing

There are no Vim or Emacs configs in this repo. For Vim, check out our vim-config repo.

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