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+<p id="proposal-count"><%= pluralize(@proposals.count, "proposal") %></p>
<input id="toggle_all_proposals" type="checkbox">
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+We would love to include your proposal "PRESENTATION" in the Scottish Ruby Conference programme for 2012. Thanks for submitting!
+Please can you confirm that you will be presenting, as soon as you can? Then we can start getting our schedule together and letting delegates know about the talk.
+We are sorry that we can not offer expenses for speaking: there are just too many tracks to make it practical. If a company (your employer, for instance) is funding your attendance, we would be happy to put their logo up in a "Speaker Sponsor" section of the site.
+If you have already bought a ticket for the conference, then we owe you a refund. Please let us know, and we will arrange that.
+Looking forward to hearing from you,
+Paul, Graeme, Alan
+PS If you are into Javascript you might want to kill two birds with one stone, and submit to ScotlandJS[1] as well. It's on the Tuesday of the same week as SRC. (You may find the CFP app somewhat familiar.)

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