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The purpose of this repository is to serve as a knowledge base for edgemesh development. Here you can request features, report bugs and find links to all the necessary resources to get started with edgemesh. Please check all the closed issues and wikis for solutions to your problems before opening new issues. You can also join our discord for community support.

Browser Support

The edgemesh client can load in any browser, and will automatically detect if the browser supports the required functionality to run edgemesh . If the browser is unable to support required edgemesh functions, the edgemesh client will unload automatically and resume normal operation.

As browser vendors add support for the latest web features that edgemesh utilizes, your edgemesh client will be automatically updated to add support. Below is the current browser support for edgemesh as of Q4 2018.

Browser Market Share Supported Versions Blocked by
Chrome 63% >49 Implemented
Firefox 10% >58 Implemented
Edge 4% Not supported No RTCDataChannel support
Safari 4% >12 Implemented
Safari 2% >56 Implemented

Device Support

Edgemesh is supported on all iOS and Android devices. Support for Windows devices is available using the above browsers. An edgemesh mobile SDK is on our roadmap to bring edgemesh support to native iOS and Android applications.

Supernode Support

A supernode is an edgemesh client in a single 6mb binary that can be compiled for any operating system and architecture. It can be installed on any hardware with a connection to the internet and some free storage. The supernode is self bootstrapping and requires no configuration to set up and will automatically join your mesh network to provide acceleration.

To learn more about edgemesh's product offerings go to edgemesh.com. For partnership inquiries send an email to contact@edgemesh.com.

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