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Releases: edgewall/genshi


15 Jun 23:51
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Version 0.7.9
(Jun 16 2024, from branches/stable/0.7.x)

  • Add Python 3.12 to CI matrix and fix Python 3.12 support. (#77 by Simon Cross)
  • Add Python 3.13 beta to CI. (#81 by Simon Cross)
  • Add badges to the README. (#82 by Simon Cross)


14 Jun 04:42
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Version 0.7.8
(Jun 14 2024, from branches/stable/0.7.x)

  • Do not merge sub directives if they have not been changed.
    (#53 by Cédric Krier)
  • Silence deprecation warnings from attempting to import Ellipsis and
    Str (which are needed to support older Pythons). (#73 by Cédric Krier)
  • Remove fallback to distutils, patching of bdist_egg and use of doctools.
    (#74 by Simon Cross)
  • Clarify the escaping in _URL_FINDER. (#76 by Simon Cross)
  • Fix installation with setuptools >= 60. (#68 by Graham Inggs)


22 Apr 13:04
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Version 0.7.7
(Apr 21 2022, from branches/stable/0.7.x)

  • Declared setuptools as the build backend (#65 by Jason R. Coombs)
  • Fixed deprecation warnings caused by escape sequences in regex pattern
    strings (#63 by Jan Vollmer)


09 Feb 15:21
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Version 0.7.6
(Feb 9 2022, from branches/stable/0.7.x)

  • Added support for Python 3.10 and 3.11 (#54, #56, #58 by Brandt Bucher, Felix Schwarz & Simon Cross)
  • Replaced assertEquals with assertEqual. assertEquals was deprecated in Python 3.2. (#42 by Simon Cross)
  • Removed used of element.getchildren() which has been removed from the Python standard library elementtree in Python 3.9. (#57 by Jan Vollmer)
  • Added support for Python 3.10 by using CodeType.replace in build_code_chunk to make code object updates more robust against changes in CodeType. (#49 by Felix Schwarz)
  • Moved tests and releases workflows to GitHub Actions (#61, #51 by Felix Schwarz and Simon Cross)
  • Fixed reference leak in Markup.join C implementation. (#47 by Simon Cross)
  • Sort directives only by directive index. Previously they were sorted by the class, namespace and arguments of the directives. This was acceptable in Python 2, but is a bug in Python 3 since some the arguments may not be comparable. (#44 by Cédric Krier)
  • Add support for msgctxt to i18n. (#13 by Eric O'Connell)
  • Implemented skipping of empty attributes during translation to match the behaviour during translation extraction (i.e. don't try to translate empty strings that are not extracted). (#38 by Jun Omae)
  • Ported setuptools options to declarative config in setup.cfg. (#40 by Eli Schwartz)
  • Removed used of deprecated setuptools Feature in (#39 by Eli Schwartz)


18 Nov 09:45
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Version 0.7.5
(Nov 18 2020, from branches/stable/0.7.x)

  • Fix handling of slices containing function call, variable name and attribute
    lookup AST nodes in Python 3.9 in template scripts (template expressions
    already correctly handled these cases). Thank you to Roger Leigh for
    finding this issue and contributing the fix for it.
  • C speedup module now available for Python >= 3.3. Support was added for
    PEP 393 (flexible string representation). Thank you to Inada Naoki for
    contributing this major enhancement.
  • Remove the custom 2to3 fixers (no longer used since the removal of 2to3
    in 0.7.4).


13 Nov 11:40
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Version 0.7.4
(Nov 3 2020, from branches/stable/0.7.x)

  • Add support for deprecation of ast classes slice, Index and ExtSlice in
    Python 3.9. See for details of the
  • Update the project URL in to point to GitHub.
  • Remove use of 2to3 for generating Python 3 compatible code.


13 Nov 11:39
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Version 0.7.3
(May 27 2019, from branches/stable/0.7.x)

  • Add support for PEP 570 (positional-only keyword parameters) changes to CodeType
    in Python 3.8.


27 Apr 20:26
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Version 0.7.2
(Apr 27 2019, from branches/stable/0.7.x)

  • Add support for Python 3.8.


01 Sep 19:18
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Version 0.7.1
(Sep 1 2018, from branches/stable/0.7.x)

  • Add support for Python 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7.
  • Move to GitHub and Travis CI.
  • Add support for iterator arguments to _speedups Markup.join implementation so that it matches
    the Python implementation (fixes #574).
  • Add HTML5 input placeholder attribute to list of translatable attributes (fixes #577).
  • Add missing boolean attributes to XHTML and HTML serializers (fixes #570).
  • Fix infinite recursion in template inlining (fixes #584).
  • Support slash escaped of CRLF newlines (fixes #569).
  • Disable the speedups C extension on CPython >= 3.3 since Genshi doesn't support the new Unicode
    C API yet.
  • Fix handling of case where a translation has text after a closing tag (fixes #566).
  • Fix assert with side-effect in xi:fallback directive processing (see #565).