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Construction Projects & Bounties

This repo contains projects and bounties for the Edgeware Builders Guild, an organisation of builders on Edgeware. This repo has projects and bounties that we will work on. You do not need to be in the Builders Guild to apply and work on these projects. Take a look around, but keep your hard hat on! This is an active construction site. If you are new to the community and want to work on projects, please have a look at the issues board.

This repo contains active projects and specifications for work that helps Edgeware and the Edgeware ecosystem. You can find ideas for bounty projects and learn more about what we're up to in the active section of the repo. You can use the labels to search for projects that fit your taste and skill level in the issues board.

This is a work in progress. Feedback is welcome!

๐Ÿ“‘ Funding Guidelines

This repo is intended for technical projects only. That includes projects in the following areas:

  • User interfaces
  • Software development
  • System integrations
  • Research

The funding maximum for technical grants is $100,000 per project. Teams shouldnโ€™t seek to cover 100% of their early-stage funding via Edgeware Grants alone. Projects asking for less money will receive approval the fastest. Otherwise, projects will need to wait longer.

Teams can apply for grants more than once, but they need to complete the previous project (as described in their application) before receiving additional funds.

We are primarily interested in projects that can be completed in 3 months or less.


In order to successfully receive grant funding for your application it is necessary for the project to have open source code. We prefer Apache 2.0 but the GNU GPL v3 license is also acceptable.


To ensure ease-of-use we require all projects to create documentation that explains how their project works. At a minimum, written documentation is required for funding. Tutorials or videos are also helpful for new users to understand how to use the product.

๐Ÿ“ Process

If you are considering applying for a grant/bounty, please follow the process below.

  1. Determine the scope of your project

  2. Application

    We recommend checking out the bounty template & technical grant template. It gives an indication of what a simple bounty or good roadmap should look like, plus it outlines the criteria of what we look for in an application.

    1. Fully or partially public applications should be made via a issues on this repo by following the steps below.
      1. Copy the template for a bounty or technical grant into a new issue.
      2. Title the issue as "project_name" with the bounty or grant labels as well as necessary reviewer labels.
      3. Fill out the template with the details of your project.
  3. Review

    • The Builders Guild will review the applications received, determine if more information is required and potentially schedule a call with the team.
    • Commonwealth Labs and/or Edgeware community members may also assist in the review of some applications.
  4. Decision

    • The Builders Guild will notify the applicants of whether their proposal has been accepted for grant funding or not.
    • If a team is successful, further communication will be required to determine specific details around timelines and payment schedules.
  5. Follow up

    • Once progress has started, the Builders Guild will want to have follow up conversations to see how the project is progressing.
    • For all projects, it is expected to follow the Working Criteria outlined in each project.

Who we are interested in funding

  • Individuals
    • Developers, anyone in the community
  • Companies/Teams
    • Established teams with a track record

๐Ÿš€ Alternative Funding Sources


Until the Builders Guild has a portion of EDG to allocate on its own. All funding will come from the Treasury unless specified in the project templates.

The treasury is a pot of on-chain funds collected through transaction fees, slashing, staking inefficiencies, etc. The funds held in the treasury can be spent by making a spending proposal.


Edgeware Builders Projects and Bounties






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