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Go Report Card license

Go implementation of EdgeX Web UI.

├── app
│   ├── common
│   ├── component
│   ├── configs
│   ├── controller
│   ├── domain
│   └── repository
│       ├── mm
│       └── mongo
├── assets
│   └── images
├── bin
│   └──
├── cmd
│   └── edgex-ui-server
│       ├── res
│       ├── main.go
│       └── static
│           ├── css
│           ├── data
│           ├── js
│           ├── pages
│           ├── index.html
│           ├── templates
│           └── vendors       
└── docs
    ├── api
    └── deployments

Some video demo links

face to face room at the appointed time, please contact to us before you want to have face-to-face chat.

Running in docker

docker pull edgexfoundry/docker-edgex-ui-go:1.0.0

docker run -it -d -p 4000:4000 --name edgex-ui-go edgexfoundry/docker-edgex-ui-go:1.0.0

Install and Deploy

To fetch the code and compile the web-based UI:

Using go get:

go get
cd $GOPATH/src/
make build

Using Git:

cd $GOPATH/src
git clone
cd $GOPATH/src/
make build

Before starting the web-based UI for the first time, you'll need to initialize the Mongo database and ensure that the settings are pointing to your MongoDB instance. Without Mongo, the project defaults to using an in-memory database.

To initialize Mongo from the root of the project directory:

mongo docs/deployments/initmongo.js

Mongo settings can be found under cmd/res/configuration.toml.

To start the application and the web-based UI:

make run

To rebuild after making changes to source:

make clean
make build

To test the web-based UI:

make test

Using the application

Logging in

With a modern browser, navigate to http://localhost:4000. The default user credentials are:

Username   : admin
Password   : admin

Displaying EdgeX Go Microservices Data on the UI

prepare : make sure you have installed Docker and its stable version.

Starting EdgeX with Docker

To start all the EdgeX Go microservices in Docker, run the following command in the root of the EdgeX Go directory:

make run_docker

For more information and detailed instructions on using EdgeX, please reference the main EdgeX documentation.




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