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Environmental Data and Governance Initiative Logo


Welcome to the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative (EDGI) Government Data Archiving technical team. We are building online tools, helping events, and creating research networks to proactively preserve, archive and track public environmental data and ensure its continued availability. We are indexing millions of government web pages on a weekly basis, tracking changes to them, and producing regular reports. Our focus has turned to using machine learning to sift through millions of government web pages to find the most important changes as well as working with the protocols for resilient, sustainable, distributed data storage networks. This repository is an overview for people who are getting involved in the project.

Our GitHub organization, chat, and in-person events have a Code of Conduct and Contributor Guidelines.

EDGI participated in Google Summer of Code for the first time in 2017!
Our mentoring team of six volunteer EDGI members worked with two students who contributed to our Archiving and Website Monitoring projects, you can read more
about their experience on our website: envirodatagov.org/summer-of-code/

Table of Contents

Get Involved

If you'd like to join the community and help improve these tools, great!

  1. Review our Contributor Guidelines and Code of Conduct
  2. Jump on the Archivers chat (archivers.slack.com), anyone can request an invite from archivers-slack.herokuapp.com slackin
    • Introduce yourself in #introductions, key starting places for conversations are #general, #dev and #community-building
    • Ping one of the EDGI coordinators (@dcwalk, @patcon, or @mattprice) with your GitHub name to be added to the organization
  3. Take a look at our Current Projects, Roadmap and Kanban Board

Note for IRC users: (Advanced) If you prefer to use an IRC client, please review these configuration instructions for Slack's IRC gateway.

Weekly Community Calls

Our weekly community call happened Thursdays at 6:30 ET (Eastern Time) and were posted on our events calendar. We are currently on pause as we rethink our community welcoming strategies. If you want to see what they were like, check out our recorded meetings playlist!


The following projects are actively being developed:

100 days Archiving Data Together Web Monitoring Website
Website for EDGI 100 Days Report at 100days. envirodatagov.org github.com/../100days Set of tools, workflows, and documentation for grassroots, event-driven, archiving Distributed model for holding copies of archived and preserved data github.com/ datatogether Interface and backend for reviewing different versions of web pages github.com/../web-monitoring Project management and design support for EDGI's website at envirodatagov.org github.com/../edgi-website

There are additional community and infrastructure projects that support internal EDGI and outreach processes:

Tool Name Description
EDGI Hubot Chat bot for EDGI Slack built on the Hubot framework
EDGI Scripts Code scripts for running and maintaining our digital infrastructure
Video Call Landing Page Landing page app with important info that participants can be sent through prior to joining a video call


We have a technical Roadmap organized in planning cycles and we use a Kanban Board to work toward those milestones. In addition, each project covers specific tasks, issues, and milestones in individual repositories.

Working Openly

We have developed guidelines for open project development in line with the horizontal-organizing principles EDGI operates under, these are all contained in this repo: