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Note: it is important to choose the appropriate file for your system, .zip for Windows or .gzip for Linux, to ensure that file permissions are set correctly when the file is unpacked.


- Additional logging.
- Minor defect fixes.


- Improved handling of network topology changes (restoration of service wiring).
- Additional Web tools, including dynamic topology and service wiring visualization.
- Switch to the Gaian Database implementation of the distributed service registry.
- Support for auto-start services.
- Support for persistent Registry entries (i.e. information can be selectively retained between restarts).
- Fabric scripting tool (development/test support).
- Fixes to Registry query APIs.
- Fixes to Fabric scripts for cross-platform support.
- Refinements to the on-the-bus XML wire-protocol.
- Minor performance improvements.
- Updated open source components.


- Distributed Registry command line interface.
- Auto-subscribe to new feeds matching patterns.
- Distributed registry triggers.
- Java API re-structuring.
- Performance improvements.
- Defect fixes.


- Initial release.