Client for the ISCA BBS ( using Wade Minter's ruby client library
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Shoesca (until I think of a better name).

Shoesca is a client for the ancient telnet-based ISCA BBS

It utilizes Wade Minter's library for accessing the bbs through the
newer, non-telnet-based 'raccdoc' interface.

To use it you need a copy of Shoes ( ).

Fire up Shoes, and choose "Open an app" and open the shoesca.rb
file.  You'll be presented with a login screen.  The app will save
your login credentials in a file called bbsconfig.yaml, in the same
directory as the shoesca.rb file.

The first time you run the app, it will download a copy of the
raccdoc library; subsequent runs, it will use the copy it
downloaded the first time.