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Simple smtp email server which redirects emails to slack.
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Slacker is simple email-to-slack gateway. It support basic rules for routing messages to different slack channels from different bots.

Main purpose of slacker is to redirect messages from old-school systems which doesn't support messaging other than email. For example cron and monit ( support only emails as the only system for notifications.


Slacker can be easily built and run via docker:

docker build .


Slacker supports simple list of rules for configuring target slack channel, bot name and its avatar depending on email content.

There are two sections:

  • default: this is default options for sending message to slack.
  • rules: list of rules for matching email message against 'from', 'to' and/or 'subject'.

Each rule in list tested in order. First matched rule is used to update options values from 'default' section of config.

Example config.yml for redirecting email to two channels: #monit and #cron:

# default values for channel, bot name, avatar url, slack token and debug mode
    channel: '#general'
    username: slacker
    icon_url: ''
    slack_token: xoxb-00000000000-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    debug: false

# list of rules
    - name: Monit rule
      from: monit@.*     # all emails from monit@localhost will match this rule

          username: monit
          channel: '#monit'
          icon_url: ''
          debug: false

    - name: Cron rule
      from: root@localhost
      subject: Cron.*    # cron email subject starts with "Cron..."

          username: cron
          channel: '#cron'
          icon_url: ''
          debug: true    # will output full email with all X-headers
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