GO-Version of the KabelDeutschland streaming proxy (https://github.com/edi-design/kd-streaming-proxy)
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GO-Version of the KabelDeutschland streaming proxy (https://github.com/edi-design/kd-streaming-proxy). To get more information, visit http://freshest.me.



To build the source for various plattforms, simply run the build-script provided under scripts/build.sh. It relies on a proper configured go-environment with GOPATH and GOROOT set up.

By now, I only tested the build process on OS X but it should not be a problem to run the commands on Linux.


Place a config.json next to the binary and fill it with the following content, including your KabelDeutschland credentials.

  "Service": {
    "Username": "##USERNAME##",
    "Password": "##PASSWORD##",
    "Listen": ":8787"


The easiest way, is to run the binary without any params. It searches automatically for the config.json next to the binary.



# ./kd_proxy -h
you need to set the following params:
  -c string
    	specifiy the config.json location, if not next to binary
  -h	display help message
    	disables playlist caching
    	disable root CA check for HTTP requests
  -v	enable verbose mode to see more debug output.
    	shows the current version number.