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Final Expansion FE3 for Commodore VIC-20 / VC-20
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Final Expansion FE3 for Commodore VIC-20 / VC-20 | PCB Eagle / Gerber

Info Final Expansion FE3


Parts plan

3x BAT85

7x 100nF Ceramic
2x 33/27pF Ceramic
1x 22pF Ceramic
1x 22µF Electrolytic

2x 470 Ω
5x 1,8 kΩ
3x 3,3 kΩ
3x 10 kΩ

1x ATMEGA1284P 5V DIL40
1x AM29F040B DIL32
1x SRAM 628512 DIL32
1x 74LS245N DIL20
1x PCF8583P DIL08
1x ATF1504-AS(V) CPLD PLCC44
1x 3V REG. LD1117S33CTR SOT223 Pinout

1x 8.000MHz HC49U-V crystal
1x 32.768kHz TC26H crystal

1x LED 3mm Green
1x LED 3mm Yellow
1x Taster Red
1x Taster Green
1x 4 pin dip switch
1x MAS60 Connector male & cable Pnout
1x Battery CD2032
1x Button Battery Holder Case Stand Container CR2032 View
1x SD Memory Card Socket Slot 11Pin View

1x IC Socket DIL40
2x IC Socket DIL32
1x IC Socket DIL20
1x IC Socket PLCC44


JP1 ATF1504AS(V) Volt select 3-2=5V / 1-2=3.3V
JP4 SD2IEC Disk up switch
JP5 SD2IEC Disk down switch

ATF1504-AS – CPLD Files

ATMEGA1284P – SD2IEC Firmware

Info EN:
Info DE:

  1. newboot-?*?-larsp-m1284p.hex program to ATMEGA1284P
  2. sd2iec-?*?-larsp-m1284p.bin copy on SD-Card and SD2IEC will load/update the Firmware by power on

AM29F040B – FE3 Firmware

  1. Copy files (min. fe3flash.prg & fe3firmware) on SD-Card
  2. Start fe3flash.prg on VIC-20
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