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PHP script for downloading remote fonts in CSS files generated by Google Fonts.
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Google Fonts Downloader

A PHP script to download Google Fonts so you can use them in offline


  • Open the script in your browser and copy/paste the google <link ...> code in the input box and press "Download". A sample <link ...> for Open Sans is there by default.
  • After downloading, you can find the fonts in fonts directory and the css file as google-fonts.css file in the root directory.


I use assets directory structure like this:

├── css/
│   └── google-fonts.css
└── fonts/
    ├── cJZKeOuBrn4kERxqtaUH3aCWcynf_cDxXwCLxiixG1c.ttf
    ├── DXI1ORHCpsQm3Vp6mXoaTYnF5uFdDttMLvmWuJdhhgs.ttf
    └── k3k702ZOKiLJc3WVjuplzInF5uFdDttMLvmWuJdhhgs.ttf

So the path in the font in the css file is url(../fonts/font-file.ttf). So if you use different directory structure to manage your assets, then change the line no 57 in downloader.php.

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