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WordCloud Sketch plugin

Compatible Sketch Version

This plugin for Sketch lets you create word clouds and tag clouds inside Sketch.

Short screencast of the WordCloud plugin


  1. Open your Sketch document
  2. Click on Plugins -> WordCloud -> WordCloud
  3. Enter your words separated by comma
  4. Choose the font sizes and probability for vertical text (in percent)
  5. Hit ok and the text layers will be added to your project
  6. Refine and layout the words to your liking

Planned Features

I plan to add the following features:

  • improve randomised layout so it looks more like a dense cloud
  • add angle variation
  • add colour schemes


If you have any suggestions, requests etc. use the issues section here on Github or contact me on twitter @gappedapp

This plugin is heavily inspired by the Hello World example and by Radial Lines Sketch plugin by herrhelms.