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deployment changes for quickhoney

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1 parent d7e7824 commit f256ca2ea906a8c200d22122bc8032dc080aa282 @hanshuebner hanshuebner committed Mar 6, 2006
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@@ -1,8 +1,8 @@
# this should work for FreeBSD and most Linux distros
- gcc -I/usr/local/include -fPIC -c cl-gd-glue.c
- ld -shared -lgd -lz -lpng -ljpeg -lfreetype -liconv -lm -lc cl-gd-glue.o -o -L/usr/local/lib
+ gcc -fPIC -c cl-gd-glue.c
+ ld -shared -lgd -lz -lpng -ljpeg -lfreetype -lm -lc cl-gd-glue.o -o -L/usr/local/lib
rm cl-gd-glue.o
# this should work for Mac OS X

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