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CL-INTERPOL - String interpolation for Common Lisp

CL-INTERPOL is a library for Common Lisp which modifies the reader so that you can have interpolation within strings similar to Perl or Unix Shell scripts. It also provides various ways to insert arbitrary characters into literal strings even if your editor/IDE doesn't support them. Here's an example:

(named-readtables:in-readtable :interpol-syntax)

(let ((a 42))
    #?"foo: \xC4\N{Latin capital letter U with diaeresis}\nbar: ${a}")
"foo: ÄÜ
bar: 42"

CL-INTERPOL comes with a BSD-style license so you can basically do with it whatever you want.

Complete documentation for CL-INTERPOL can be found in the docs directory or at the project documentation site.