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Prefix all puri symbols.
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2 parents f69466a + 08a9f19 commit 896f37e0717b1d90eb2724dc9e265707c40a3cec @hanshuebner hanshuebner committed Dec 10, 2013
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  1. +5 −5 cookies.lisp
  2. +1 −1 packages.lisp
  3. +26 −26 request.lisp
  4. +2 −2 util.lisp
10 cookies.lisp
@@ -110,7 +110,7 @@ every domain name is considered acceptable."
(defun cookie-domain-matches (domain uri)
"Checks if the domain DOMAIN \(a string) matches the \(PURI) URI URI."
- (ends-with-p (normalize-cookie-domain (uri-host uri))
+ (ends-with-p (normalize-cookie-domain (puri:uri-host uri))
(normalize-cookie-domain domain)))
(defun send-cookie-p (cookie uri force-ssl)
@@ -120,15 +120,15 @@ in HTTP-REQUEST)."
(and ;; check domain
(cookie-domain-matches (cookie-domain cookie) uri)
;; check path
- (starts-with-p (or (uri-path uri) "/") (cookie-path cookie))
+ (starts-with-p (or (puri:uri-path uri) "/") (cookie-path cookie))
;; check expiry date
(let ((expires (cookie-expires cookie)))
(or (null expires)
(> expires (get-universal-time))))
;; check if connection must be secure
(or (null (cookie-securep cookie))
- (eq (uri-scheme uri) :https))))
+ (eq (puri:uri-scheme uri) :https))))
(defun check-cookie (cookie)
"Checks if the slots of the COOKIE object COOKIE have valid values
@@ -285,14 +285,14 @@ the \(PURI) URI URI."
with parsed-cookies = (and set-cookie-header (parse-set-cookie set-cookie-header))
for (name value parameters) in parsed-cookies
for expires = (parameter-value "expires" parameters)
- for domain = (or (parameter-value "domain" parameters) (uri-host uri))
+ for domain = (or (parameter-value "domain" parameters) (puri:uri-host uri))
when (and (valid-cookie-domain-p domain)
(cookie-domain-matches domain uri))
collect (make-instance 'cookie
:name name
:value value
:path (or (parameter-value "path" parameters)
- (uri-path uri)
+ (puri:uri-path uri)
:expires (and expires
(plusp (length expires))
2 packages.lisp
@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@
(in-package :cl-user)
(defpackage :drakma
- (:use :cl :puri :flexi-streams :chunga)
+ (:use :cl :flexi-streams :chunga)
;; the variable defined in the ASDF system definition
(:import-from :drakma-asd #:*drakma-version-string*)
(:shadow #:syntax-error #:parameter-error)
52 request.lisp
@@ -469,12 +469,12 @@ request is not a POST with a content-type of `multipart/form-data',
PARAMETERS will not be used."
(unless (member protocol '(:http/1.0 :http/1.1) :test #'eq)
(parameter-error "Don't know how to handle protocol ~S." protocol))
- (setq uri (cond ((uri-p uri) (copy-uri uri))
- (t (parse-uri uri))))
+ (setq uri (cond ((puri:uri-p uri) (puri:copy-uri uri))
+ (t (puri:parse-uri uri))))
(unless (member method +known-methods+ :test #'eq)
(parameter-error "Don't know how to handle method ~S." method))
- (unless (member (uri-scheme uri) '(:http :https) :test #'eq)
- (parameter-error "Don't know how to handle scheme ~S." (uri-scheme uri)))
+ (unless (member (puri:uri-scheme uri) '(:http :https) :test #'eq)
+ (parameter-error "Don't know how to handle scheme ~S." (puri:uri-scheme uri)))
(when (and close keep-alive)
(parameter-error "CLOSE and KEEP-ALIVE must not be both true."))
(when (and form-data (not (member method '(:post :report) :test #'eq)))
@@ -493,7 +493,7 @@ PARAMETERS will not be used."
(when (atom proxy)
(setq proxy (list proxy 80))))
;; Ignore the proxy for whitelisted hosts.
- (when (member (uri-host uri) no-proxy-domains :test #'string=)
+ (when (member (puri:uri-host uri) no-proxy-domains :test #'string=)
(setq proxy '()))
;; make sure we don't get :CRLF on Windows
(let ((*default-eol-style* :lf)
@@ -525,13 +525,13 @@ PARAMETERS will not be used."
(let ((host (or (and proxy (first proxy))
- (uri-host uri)))
+ (puri:uri-host uri)))
(port (cond (proxy (second proxy))
- ((uri-port uri))
+ ((puri:uri-port uri))
(t (default-port uri))))
(use-ssl (and (not proxying-https-p)
(or force-ssl
- (eq (uri-scheme uri) :https)))))
+ (eq (puri:uri-scheme uri) :https)))))
#+(and :lispworks5.0 :mswindows
(not :lw-does-not-have-write-timeout))
(when use-ssl
@@ -602,9 +602,9 @@ PARAMETERS will not be used."
;; set up a tunnel through the proxy server to the
;; final destination
(write-http-line "CONNECT ~A:~:[443~;~:*~A~] HTTP/1.1"
- (uri-host uri) (uri-port uri))
+ (puri:uri-host uri) (puri:uri-port uri))
(write-http-line "Host: ~A:~:[443~;~:*~A~]"
- (uri-host uri) (uri-port uri))
+ (puri:uri-host uri) (puri:uri-port uri))
(write-http-line "")
(force-output http-stream)
;; check we get a 200 response before proceeding
@@ -619,33 +619,33 @@ PARAMETERS will not be used."
(setq http-stream (wrap-stream (make-ssl-stream raw-http-stream))))
(when-let (all-get-parameters
(and (not preserve-uri)
- (append (dissect-query (uri-query uri))
+ (append (dissect-query (puri:uri-query uri))
(and (not parameters-used-p) parameters))))
- (setf (uri-query uri)
+ (setf (puri:uri-query uri)
(alist-to-url-encoded-string all-get-parameters external-format-out url-encoder)))
(when (eq method :options*)
;; special pseudo-method
(setf method :options
- (uri-path uri) "*"
- (uri-query uri) nil))
+ (puri:uri-path uri) "*"
+ (puri:uri-query uri) nil))
(write-http-line "~A ~A ~A"
(string-upcase method)
(if (and preserve-uri
(stringp unparsed-uri))
(trivial-uri-path unparsed-uri)
- (render-uri (cond
+ (puri:render-uri (cond
((and proxy
(null stream)
(not proxying-https-p)
(not real-host))
- (make-instance 'uri
- :path (or (uri-path uri) "/")
- :query (uri-query uri))))
+ (make-instance 'puri:uri
+ :path (or (puri:uri-path uri) "/")
+ :query (puri:uri-query uri))))
(string-upcase protocol))
- (write-header "Host" "~A~@[:~A~]" (uri-host uri) (non-default-port uri))
+ (write-header "Host" "~A~@[:~A~]" (puri:uri-host uri) (non-default-port uri))
(when user-agent
(write-header "User-Agent" "~A" (user-agent-string user-agent)))
(when basic-authorization
@@ -761,14 +761,14 @@ PARAMETERS will not be used."
(when auto-referer
(setq additional-headers (set-referer uri additional-headers)))
(let* ((location (header-value :location headers))
- (new-uri (merge-uris location uri))
+ (new-uri (puri:merge-uris location uri))
;; can we re-use the stream?
- (old-server-p (and (string= (uri-host new-uri)
- (uri-host uri))
- (eql (uri-port new-uri)
- (uri-port uri))
- (eq (uri-scheme new-uri)
- (uri-scheme uri)))))
+ (old-server-p (and (string= (puri:uri-host new-uri)
+ (puri:uri-host uri))
+ (eql (puri:uri-port new-uri)
+ (puri:uri-port uri))
+ (eq (puri:uri-scheme new-uri)
+ (puri:uri-scheme uri)))))
(unless old-server-p
(setq must-close t
want-stream nil))
4 util.lisp
@@ -129,15 +129,15 @@ value with a #\\= character. If the value is NIL, no #\\= is used."
(defun default-port (uri)
"Returns the default port number for the \(PURI) URI URI.
Works only with the http and https schemes."
- (ecase (uri-scheme uri)
+ (ecase (puri:uri-scheme uri)
(:http 80)
(:https 443)))
(defun non-default-port (uri)
"If the \(PURI) URI specifies an explicit port number which is
different from the default port its scheme, this port number is
returned, otherwise NIL."
- (when-let (port (uri-port uri))
+ (when-let (port (puri:uri-port uri))
(when (/= port (default-port uri))

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